Investment Strategies for Real Estate

I have worked with many investors and buyers of Real Estate in Gainesville and Alachua County. Recently the focus has been on banked owned, REO and foreclosure properties. Fore more information on foreclosures, click here. Or trying to find these deals before the bank forecloses by using the short sale process. For more information about short sales visit our short sale page. But there are many ways to invest in Real Estate.

Having a clear plan and investment strategy can help you stay focused on your long term goals. For instance, are you going to focus on one type of property or one geographic area? Some investors in Gainesville in the last five years have purchased property based on the expected or actual change in the zoning density of the area. Others have purchased distressed properties in areas they hope will improve over time. Zoning changes can be researched by reviewing proposed changes in the comprehensive plan or visiting commission meetings of the City of Gainesville or Alachua County.

There are also liability issues to consider when investing in Real Estate in Gainesville. For instance, rental properties can carry personal liability that might affect your entire portfolio. Strategies for mitigating these risks should be considered prior to purchasing real estate. I work with a number of excellent attorneys in Gainesville that are able to offer legal advice about potential risk and liability. Perhaps forming a limited liability corporation would be the solution. Our partner firms can easily help you navigate the process of setting up a corporation in Florida.

In addition to personal liability, there may also be tax implications on the sale and purchase of property in Gainesville. One solution may be a 1031 Exchange. Or perhaps a Self Directed IRA. I work with Entrust which is a third party administrator who can help you in the process of saving money on the sale of your non-owner occupied investment property through a 1031 Exchange. They can also offer solutions to help you self direct the money in your IRA.

Another investment opportunity in Real Estate in Gainesville has been auctions. These are often developer or owner sponsored auctions with a set viewing time and can be absolute or with reserves. I have represented a number of buyers at these auctions. It is very important to have someone representing your interests at these events. Typically our commission as agents is already built into the bid or buyers premium. There are very reputable firms in Alachua County, but there have been some firms that have had questionable or unlicensed practices. Make sure you are working with a professional when bidding at these auctions. Auctions can also include tax deed auctions and courthouse foreclosure auctions which I discuss under foreclosures.